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For this question, you need to think critically about why you are applying to Brown and what aspects of the curriculum interest you. Are there departments of study for which Brown is prominent? Is there a particular program that is exclusive to Brown? Are there extracurricular activities that speak to your unique interests? Be explicit about what about the curriculum and campus attract you to Brown University. What part of the university culture are you excited to be a part of? Does Brown house a professor whose research you’ve studied? It is not enough to discuss what Brown can do for you. You must be sure to communicate what you will add to the student body. Briefly discuss the qualities and experiences you possess that will add to Brown’s student body and community. Consider the university’s mission again for this question.

They encourage you to step outside of your intellectual comfort zone. Pursue whatever major of study your heart desires and also be open to areas of study outside the realm of your interests. If you are applying to Brown, it is imperative that you think deeply about their unique curriculum and how that will benefit you as a student. They want to know how the Brown Curriculum fits into your story. A good question to ask yourself is: How have you handled freedom and creativity in academics before? Focus on what you learned about yourself and being academically successful during that process.

Did you take a class that allowed you to design your own learning experience? Even if it was for one assignment, think about that experience and how it made you feel and impacted your learning.

Then, connect your interest for the Brown Curriculum with an interest you’d like to pursue on campus. Contributing to Brown could mean many things, including: Starting a club on renewable energy technology and traveling to Goddard Memorial State Park for cleanup. Raising or seeking money for a grant that would help students travel to Macedonia to study the history of Phillip II. Organizing trips to Boston and New York City to volunteer with youth while practicing your Spanish skills. You can even draw upon one of your own experiences from high school to write this essay. Demonstrating initiative is the safest way to write an effective college essay. The most important part of the essay is tying it back to your character, values, lessons, and personal themes, and how those will fit into the larger community that is Brown University. These can be physical places where you have lived, or a community or group that is important to you. (250 word limit) Because Brown offers such a unique opportunity to pursue a truly liberal arts education, the admissions committee needs to create a student body that will be open to diversity, new ideas and different perspectives. This question is not just asking where you are from.

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